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Do you want to make a game?! Well you've come to the right place! Yukon's school for game development will teach you absolutely everything you'd ever want to know, including but not limited to: Screenshake! Crashing your program! How to change true to equal false! There's no limit to the knowledge you'll receive! Although be warned, Yukon can go a bit off the rails sometimes, but that shouldn't be a problem for a triple A indie dev like you!


WASD or Arrow keys  - Move around
Space, S, or Down - turn around

1 2 3 - change equipped item

E or Click item - use item

Mystman12 - Original idea, and a single voiceline

Carson K. - Voice lines, the principle

Yukon W. - The Main Meme

Tirsod - Music


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The graphics, models (in 2D), shaders and it looks good overall. But it doesn't play nice, it doesn't even feel like a 3D game maker walking simulator just frames changing. And fortnite references in there, eeeeeehhh. I fully understand this game is a meme and is meant to be a Baldi parody, but still it has potential.

I think fun



this truly is a <videogame>

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what is this

a bideogame



What did I do to deserve this

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